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WordPress Lights Up Content Marketing Arena on Shared Hosting Platforms

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Over the last several months independent developers for WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform, have been diligently adding new content marketing plugins to the famous self-hosted software, highlighting its growing strength in traditional search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and its further attraction for inbound marketing gurus who are pouncing upon opportunities afforded by recent Google Panda updates. Content marketing has arguably overtaken technical SEO (onsite and offsite) as the dominant vehicle for generating new visitors (and leads) originating from both social media and traditional search engines. Google has been scrambling to recognize and correct the damage done by link spammers and content farms that have attempted to game their way up their rankings – often successfully! Google Panda/Penguin updates, of which there have been several over the last year, are designed to reward website owners who publish quality in-depth content in the form of blogs, white papers, eBooks, podcasts and case studies, just to name a few. In most instances, self-hosted WordPress blogs on cheap shared hosting platforms are chosen as the preferred method to deploy this content which when well written is shared across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. WordPress, virtually from day one, has aligned itself to content publishers offering easy, straightforward methods to tag and describe content, including text, images, and video and even PDFs. google trends image Since it is so easy to install on shared platforms, either by a one-click installation via free Softaculous software or alternatively through the famous 5-minute install, WordPress has radically influenced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and its successor, content marketing, which is exploding across the web. Both Drupal and Joomla, no slouches in the content management system (CMS) department, seem unable to stop the WordPress juggernaut, which each year becomes easier to use. Since self-hosted WordPress software is free, small business owners flock to shared hosting platforms to amplify their cost savings and capitalize on a 99.9% uptime guarantee.   The Google Panda updates also reward websites that load wordpressquickly, making reliable shared hosting providers a critical partner for a small businesses pursuing greater traffic through Google or converting visitors into leads as they consume content across smartphones (and other devices). A further catalyst to WordPress adoption is the soft landing provided by industry-leading cPanel hosting dashboards, which encompass blogging software installation and also help users manage other shared server resources, including sitemap creation and various SEO-specific tools.  Once WordPress is up and running, site owners can then deploy a multitude of additional plugins including WordPress SEO by Yoast, to further optimize content for search engines and social media. While WordPress has become synonymous with blogging it should be remembered that content marketing goes way beyond blogs or just generating ‘links’. We leave the final word to SEOmoz to put WordPress and content marketing into a broader website strategy.
“Content marketing is the act of distributing a valuable piece of content (video, text, audio, etc.) to hopefully a large volume of prospects with the goal of converting to a lead, and then a customer.
Dustin Williams is a Search Engine Marketing expert and the Global SEO Manager for Midphase, a domain registration and website hosting services provider. He has been practicing SEM and optimizing websites since 2004. Please visit to learn more about WordPress and the benefits of shared hosting. Follow Dustin on Twitter: @WebGazelle.

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