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Why Guest Blogging is a Staple for Building Your Online Presence

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Blogging is a great tool for expanding your brand presence online, as well as getting many more eyes on the product or service you happen to be offering. Thinking of a fun topic for your blog should not be hard, it should involve your industry in some way and be a thing that people (potential customers) actually want to read.

Reach a Wider Audience

Once you have a blog in place, think about some guest bloggers you can invite to highlight your catalog. Guest blogging not only increases the audience who will see the purpose of your business, but the guest bloggers themselves may shed some light on a subject you did not know you were even curious about.

Play to Your Strengths

If you are just getting going, you will not want to try to collaborate with the mega famous people in your industry right off the bat. For example, when you have a lifestyle blog, please do not expect Martha Stewart to be your first guest blogger. You must pave the way with stellar content first, pay your dues, and big name guest bloggers will come to you.

Get Ready Sooner Than Later

Just because you can’t get big names from the get-go does not mean you should not try guest blogging. If you are in an industry that already has a large web presence as a whole, it is even easier to get started. Many large, informational sites have a community aspect, whether they are message boards or a very active comment community. You can use either of these methods as a way of isolating a possible guest writer who you think will do a good job. Being as they are likely not a professional writer, it will be easier to work with them to create something you can both be proud to put your name on.

Create a Strong Voice

For the people who are passionate about your industry, be it sheet metal or fingernail art, will not keep silent. By featuring fun new guest bloggers who have never really had a chance to share their voice, you are encouraging a whole fraction of your industry to speak out, write about what they know, and tips that have helped them greatly in the past. Word-of-mouth works a little differently in our technologically advanced age, but a comment left on a message board is likely to get you as many, if not more followers than a full-page advertisement in whatever periodical is most popular and most widely read in your town. If you want to make a big name for yourself when online, just follow these four tips to help your guest blogging campaign stay up and running.

Start Talkin'!


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