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Five Ways to Get Started With Mobile Marketing

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There are several reasons why mobile marketing is taking off. With more and more Americans relying on their smartphones to help them find companies, navigate directions and find discounts, it is important to find out what you can do to get your company ahead of the game. Here are five important things you must do to get started with mobile marketing.  

Create a Mobile Website

You will not get far if you do not have a website that is friendly to the mobile customers. Pull up what your website currently looks like on your smartphone to know what your customers are seeing. If it is inconvenient to find the information they are seeking, customers will turn to another website. The Yankee Group estimates that over one-third of mobile phone users currently browse the Internet mainly from their mobile device. With drastic increases in mobile usage, creating a website that is friendly to the mobile user is imperative to your websites success. The good news is that you can find a freelance web designer to create a mobile friendly website for a little as $500. Most mobile sites don’t have all the excess imagery and design as a traditional website. The goal is to provide the customer with the information they want quickly and efficiently.

Use QR Codes

If you want to get your customers engaging with a mobile device, create QR codes they can scan on a mobile device. The QR codes can be sent out with traditional marketing materials, or with your products. When the customer scans the QR Code, they are sent to a unique page to gain more information, discounts and other promotional offers.  

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SMS Messaging

Customers often sign up for SMS messaging when they know they will receive discounts and promotional deals. Use this to your advantage as text messaging will give you direct access to the customer. SMS messaging is ideal when you are hoping to push a product off the shelf, and it works out well for timely promotions. There are multiple marketing methods you can use when trying SMS messaging, here are few to consider:
  • Mobile coupons: Send out a message to your customers that have signed up for messaging services. Offer them a “loyalty code” that provides a discount of an order or particular product.
  • Message reminders: These are great when you have customers that have signed up for a service and need to renew a membership. The message reminders tell the customers to do something such as have their oil changed, renew a membership or schedule an appointment.
  • Short-code marketing. This marketing message sends out a short code to the customers to use when accessing a campaign. These messages are normally seen in survey programs.
While sending out SMS messages is highly effective, you can also make some great ads to send out with an MMS message. MMS promotions allow you to send out videos and pictures to your mobile customers, which is an effective method to use for large product launches.


Mobile devices allow for traditional forms of advertising such as using pay-per-click ads that appear on a user’s screen. If you have an app or you would like to partner with another company, consider promoting the ads in other apps and programs to gain a high level of visibility.

App Development

One of the most popular ways to get in touch with your customers is to reach out to them through apps. These apps can be fun and promotional, or they can be helpful and educational. Determine what your customers’ needs are before designing an app. Outsource the development of the app to a company with the right experience and expertise to create a solid app that doesn’t crash and cause problems for the customers. You can choose if you would like to offer the app for free or if you would like to charge for it. Some companies will offer two versions of an app, one that is free and one that costs more money as it has extra features.

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