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SEO Business: How to Build a Balanced Backlink Profile

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Keyword rankings in search engines can help businesses appear more frequently within the first few results that appear on the page. Business owners who follow recommendations for SEO optimization may see an increase in traffic to their sites. Poor link practices can even cause giants like Google to penalize a site. Building a balanced backlink profile can take some work, but it is one of the main keys to online success. Computer screen showing website traffic sources

Dofollow VS Nofollow

Understanding the difference between these two kinds of links is one of the basics that can help business owners avoid racking up various penalties from bad practices. Nofollow is a particular command that tells a search index that a link should not influence a target website’s ranking within the engine. The most important function of Nofollow is to reduce the potential spam that a user might see on a search engine. This feature can improve the overall quality of the results the index displays for a user. Dofollow is usually a good idea for internal links that allow search engines to crawl a site properly.  

Guest Blog Posting

Many sites will tell business owners that guest blogging is dead. Although this seems to be a popular sentiment online, it is simply not true. Guest blogging as a means to help build a backlink profile can be quite effective when done correctly. One of the reasons this myth about guest blogging is so persistent is that it can be filled with spam. However, this kind of blogging is still worthwhile when the articles are completely original, maintain high standards of quality, and stay relevant to the target audience. The main tricks with positive guest blogging are to avoid stuffing articles full of keywords or creating a bunch of similar topics.  

Internal Links VS External Links

If you want users to navigate to different pages on the same website easily, internal links are the perfect type to use. These kinds of links can also establish infrastructure with a site for a search engine index. External links take users away from the site they are on and show them another one. Avoid penalties by making sure external links are both authoritative and relevant.  

Best Practices for Building a Backlink Profile

Remembering some of the common practices experts recommend can help business owners build a profile that is effective at driving traffic and avoiding penalties. Build new links, including nofollow links from blogs and social media sites, analyze the site regularly, use varied keywords as anchor text, and be quick to disavow any low-quality links.   Improving a business site’s ranking within popular search engines is one of the biggest things entrepreneurs can do to increase customer bases and appear authoritative in the online world.

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