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Critical SEO Benefits of Guest Blogging

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Guest blogging is becoming increasingly popular for search engine optimization (SEO). The practice of guest blogging helps online marketers build valuable relationships and publish content on new platforms. In short, guest blogging provides a number of benefits for SEO, and beyond.
  • The ability to generate link popularity from new, relevant (and sometimes more authoritative) sources
  • The opportunity to expand coverage and reach of one’s content (aiding inbound marketing and SEO)
  • The potential to develop new professional connections and business opportunities

Generate Link Popularity

For many SEO-focused guest bloggers, generating link popularity is the sole purpose of their efforts. The fact of the matter is, backlinks that come from relevant and authoritative blog posts and articles are the bee knee’s to better rankings. In essence, this quality and relevant form of link popularity is a signal to Google that your money site (or the page being linked to) is a credible and valued resource, and thus deserving of higher keyword rankings. Before providing any content, be sure to confirm the linking terms with your guest blog host. Most hosts will not accept backlinks that compete with their services, as well as backlinks that simply don’t have purpose or meaning in the copy. In most cases, you can add a custom link or two in the author section of your guest post, and perhaps a link in the main body copy, depending on the host’s preferences.

Expand Content Coverage & Reach

Regardless of how many articles you publish from the same blog, the SEO value of publishing from the same domain will eventually plateau. Guest blogging helps to diversify your content publishing sources (and backlink portfolio) while ensuring your off-site SEO practice never gets stagnant. With SEO aside, guest blogging gets your awesome content in front of new readers. And because some blogs offer a huge following of readers, you can greatly expand the reach of your content. If your content starts earning likes, shares, tweets, and +1’s, the strength and authority of your content will only increase. This will not only contribute to the article itself getting ranking in the search results, but will also make any backlinks in article even stronger.

Develop New Connections

The roots of guest blogging stem from the diligence of reaching out to new blog owners and content managers. Although this might not seem like a direct benefit for SEO, developing new connections can lead to sustainable relationships and long-term guest blogging opportunities. By providing exceptional content for your host, you can earn the respect and trust of blog owners and content managers. As a result, they may welcome you into their community of authors, opening the doors for many possibilities.

The Takeaway

Guest blogging is a powerful way to broaden you content exposures, inbound traffic to your website, and generate link popularity for SEO. The advantages are plentiful, so start reaching out(whether by yourself or using a guest posting service)  and establishing connections. Just remember that high quality and relevant content is what will earn the respect of your host and your readers. Keep these tips top of mind to ensure optimal success during your guest blogging endeavor. About the author: Tyler Tafelsky is SEO and organic search marketing director at Top of Mind, a local Traverse City SEO and social media engagement firm. Tyler offers over 5 years of experience in the SEO profession and is highly engaged as a guest blogger as well as web content manager for a number of different blogs and websites. You can learn more by connecting with Tyler on Google Plus.

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